About Me

Do not consider myself particularly photogenic, and I'm sure you'll agree. That guy in glasses and wearing the grey soulcal hooded top is me. The photo was taken by one of the stewards at Bingley Music Live on 5th September 2009.

Grants Grimsby Wargames Blog was launched by me on 22nd March 2007, encouraged by the success of Paul Robinson's blog at http://grimsbywargaming.blogspot.com

Paul was in fact the first member of the Grimsby Wargames Society to start blogging.
The Grimsby Wargames Society Website at http://www.gywargames.co.uk was initially my idea. This idea was first presented to the society at the end of 2001 before going live at the beginning of 2002. With the exception of contributors and accredited trademarks, the club website and its contents have always been owned by me.

Although I have not yet officially announced it yet by blog post, Grants Grimsby Wargames Blog is just for Wargaming and Card Gaming. All other personal posts can now actually be found at Jases Allons-y to the Universe!

Anyone who knows me well enough and those who read this blog will know what a fan of comedy, sci-fi and fantasy I am, being a big fan of BBC shows such as Merlin and particularly Doctor Who. At the time of writing this page in early March 2010 I am looking forward to the new series of Doctor Who with the new Doctor (Matt Smith). Will miss David Tennant but there's always repeats on BBC3. The next series is coming very soon starting at Easter 2010. As a taster there's a promotional wallpaper and trailer below. Geronimo!!

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