Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Blogger cooperation

Hello Dear Blogger!

I'm James from SOLADO!

I'm glad to see your website online. I like the content of your website very much. I would like to ask if there is any opportunity for us to work together?


Our website:

There are several ways I can work together, please let me know which one you prefer:

1. Article publishing: You can write an 800-1000-word fashion clothing article for me and keep it on your website forever. After publishing, share it on your social media. For this, I will provide you with the title and keywords. , if you do not provide writing services, I can also provide an original article for you to publish permanently;

2. Link insertion: I can provide keywords to insert into your existing articles, of course, I will ensure that the keywords are relevant to your articles;

3. Banner ads: If your website also supports banner ads, I am also willing to cooperate with you. Of course, I hope the banner ads are permanently placed.

You can choose one of the cooperation methods to talk to me about the price, I have enough budget to cooperate with you, but the price will be quoted according to your website data, of course, I also look forward to negotiating a mutually satisfactory price with you, please let me know you Are you ready?

About SOLADO's brand concept:

SOLADO is an online fashion and socially driven brand inspired by you, where you can buy hundreds of affordable pieces to wear again and again. From dresses to denim to crop tops and more, you can get free shipping and student discounts on orders over $59. At SOLADO, our mission is to influence the future of fashion, enabling people to wear whatever TF they want without worrying about stereotypes or judgment. We strive to be a collaborative brand; learning, sharing and growing with our customers and the creators around us, putting them and their feedback at the heart of everything we do, designing and curating products we are proud of , SOLADO is for them, SOLADO is for everyone.

Waiting for your affirmative reply.
best wishes!

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Saturday, 3 December 2022

In The Spirit Of The Pandemic

Hello Good Day,

This is the second email Notification I am emailing to you without a response from you. This is just to notify you that this email account of yours was selected to receive a Donation from My Organisation. My name is Thomas Yi from Florida. I'm a business magnate, investor and philanthropist, I am also the Winner of a $ 235 million jackpot from the Power Ball lottery held on March 27, 2021.

Due to the corona virus outbreak I gave away 25 percent of my personal wealth to charity, And as a result of the re-emergence of the New Variant ( Omicron ) I've also pledged to give away another 25% to 10 individuals this year 2022. The corona virus outbreak isn't just a major health crisis; it's also a large economic disruption, leading to people losing their jobs and making it harder for them to take care of their families or to have a meaningful livelihood.

We philanthropists we've heard that a little kindness, a little financial support can go a long way in enhancing happiness in the lives of mankind, Hence my entire family and I have agreed to do this, We are donating $3,800,000.00 each ( three Million eight Hundred Thousand Dollars )to help 10 individuals and small businesses (Owners).

Your name and email address were randomly picked in an ongoing online Donation Pool. I have decided to donate $3,800,000.00 Dollars to you. Do respond to this notification through ( ) to afford us the opportunity of you redeeming your donation, and please accept this token as a gift from me and my family.

Thank You.
Thomas Yi ( CEO/Founder )
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Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Content ideas for

We were looking for people we could partner with for content and we came across your blog.  
Are you guys accepting guest posts?
The work we've done has been featured on sites like and techradar.
I'm reaching out to see if you'd like to publish any of the following in-depth content we've created? We believe this would be a good fit for you.
  1. Twitch Guide: A Quick Guide to Live Stream Games on Your Android Phone
  2. Top 9 Tips to Boost Your Twitch Channel Subscribers & Increase Ad Revenue
  3. Game Streaming: How to Get Started + Top 10 Tips to Attract More Viewers
  4. Live Streaming on Twitch: Top 8 Best Practices for IRL Streamers (2022 Edition)
  5. Live Streaming Trends: Top 10 Statistics Every Streamers Must Know (2022 Edition)
Would you like to take a look at any of the above? Let me know. :)

Kyden Jaclyn

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11/22/22, 05:12:27 PM

Monday, 14 November 2022

RE: PAX Unplugged 2022 Attendees Email Database



Shall I get back with counts and pricng details for your review to make a decision?


We currently have Thanksgiving offer, make best use of it.





From: Jessica Price []
Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2022 2:48 PM
To: ''
Subject: PAX Unplugged 2022 Attendees Email Database
Importance: High




Would you be interested in acquiring an attendees email database of PAX Unplugged  2022? We currently have Thanksgiving offer, make best use of it.


Attendees are :


•  Bingo Halls

•  Casino Operation Professionals

•  Consultants

•  Exports

•  Finance

•  Food & Beverage

•  Game Developers

•  Government Relations

•  I Gaming

•  Lottery

•  Marketing

•  Regulatory

•  Sports Agencies

•  Sports Leagues and much more…..


Please let me know your thoughts, so that we will send you the number of attendees counts, pricing and more information.


Best Regards,

Jessica Price

Marketing Executive.


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