Wednesday, 18 April 2007

All Quiet on the Home Front

Withdrew my rent to take it to my landlords house who is also best mate. He had gone away for a few days so gave it to his girlfriend Sara. Puss had unfortunately done some accidents recently in the flat and felt it seemed time to get her a litter tray so that things could be done correctly. Sometimes I close the catflap to prevent other cats coming in and stealing her food. Puss has only learnt to come in from outside not go out. Thought Puss might need retraining but apparently not. After encouraging her towards her new facilities she just climbed in and did what she had to. On a much better note, I also bought Puss a new toy. Its a carrot-shaped toy filled with Catnip. Puss doesn't usually like Catnip but she was playing with it straightaway, knocking it about everywhere. Puss has other toys. It's nice to see the cat happy. In fact, since she came to me she has always been a happy cat.

Other than that, just cleaned the flat up. Hope to look at some more wargaming forums before I go to bed to say the least. Need to sort out my wargaming photos properly from monday night in the next few days.

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