Monday, 23 April 2007

Still No Reivers

The Title should say it all. My Border Reivers still have not come. It was the big Salute wargames show in London this weekend, which Vendel would have attended. If they have not arrived Monday morning, I will be ringing them up again.

A bit late because I was busy, feeling slightly rundown I had been trying to generate publicity or at least announce Paul's wargame on Monday night 23rd April - The Battle of Almanza 1707. Announced it in the Wargames Forum, emailed several yahoogroups including our own yahoogroup. Also posted and crossposted it in several forums in The Miniatures Page. Actually I am growing to like that period of history, judging by some of the history I have read and our games and figures at the club.

Needed some chillout time yesterday watched and listened to one of the music channels, blasted through my stereo. Not long finished sorting out the photos I took from last monday before typing this entry. It turned out that of the few I took with Paul and his son James at the club, there was only 1 decent one (above).
This particular piece of artillery at that time was commanded by Paul's son James.

I aim to have 2 galleries created and placed on the Grimsby Wargames Society Website before I go to bed. Another mixed games gallery with the other being the photos from the 15mm American Civil War game last week.

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