Monday, 7 May 2007

Been blogging over a month

Decided not to do any painting today but will do it wednesday instead. I have also decided I am going to try the paint combinations for my Reivers horses that Paul advised me to do in his comment on the previous entry. Having looked on the net for some article on how to "wash" miniatures when painting them, does it mean only painting a thin layer of a certain colour?

To my surprise again, my updates that I post through yahoogroups have once again been announced on the Tabletop Gaming News website, which I think is great. It started with the update before last and I hope it continues. TGN is a good site with reviews and announcements from miniature companies mainly along with announcements from wargaming clubs. Tonight I submitted my "story" regarding the website and last update to the excellent Miniatures Page. Hope Bill puts it up. In it I also linked to some images from the latest galleries. If things go well, I will post news regularly on there. I am a huge fan of TMP anyway, reading the Hobby News and browsing the forums.

I also realised today that I have been blogging for over a month now. Doesn't seem like yesterday since it began. This blog is ACW themed and once I get it going properly and spent some more time on it, which will be easier to do on my holiday in a few weeks time, it will get better and better.

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Grimsby Mariner said...

Washes - they are exactly what they sound like. Dilute the paint so that it flows over the figures leaving a stain on the undercoat and in the folds & recesses. You may have to repeat it a couple of times to get the right effect.