Saturday, 5 May 2007


This afternoon and evening I finally got a much needed haircut. Apart from doing a little tidying up, I got back to my border reivers, mainly the horses and gave 3 of them a coating of white paint. 3 of the horses will be light coloured with 2 of them being white, 2 dark coloured and 1 either grey or light coloured. I used GW Skull white in them. I now keep them in a box meant for drawing and/or painting pictures which is now for my wargaming paints (above).
There is a photo (left)of my white undercoated horses, though 2 of them will be getting a 2nd coat of white as I wish them to be white horses. Hope to paint some more tomorrow. Have not painted for years and decided to do the horses first, partly because they are larger figures.
Watched one of my favourite bond movies "The Man with the Golden Gun" while I did so. Not watched it for years. In fact, it's the first time in months I've actually sat down and watched a DVD. Did so after Doctor Who, which unfortunately won't be back on for a fortnight.

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