Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Green Green Grass Of Home

Been really nice warm week. Even been for the odd bike ride or two. Most days its been that hot most lads, myself included, have had their shirts off enjoying the summer weather. Today was no exception. The forecast for the weekend: Friday and Saturday is no exception. Tried to catch some sun with my shirt off today whilst doing the back garden. Not got it all done. Will do more tomorrow. Left is a photo of the back garden before I did most of the grass. Did down the right hand side and middle. Unfortunately there is also the grass right next to the wall and tufts in the middle plus the grass near the shed to do before putting on the weedkiller.

My friend Jamie was supposed to come round today. He didn't but when I finally got hold of him it turned out he had got some new dvd's he was watching, his tyres had been slashed a few days ago and was picking his bike up tomorrow. So have decided I will do more of the garden when Jamie comes sometime after 4pm tomorrow. Forecast is hot, around 21c. Sunbathing weather.

After doing the back garden cleaned microwave and nearby shelfing. Hoovered through the flat. Moved toiletries out of bathroom to prepare for giving it a good clean tomorrow. Had already washed all pots and got some clothes washing done before I had started. Had the telly on blasting music out from one of the music channels for hours before watching an episode of Doctor Who Series 2 again "The Girl in the Fireplace". In the past few days have finished watching series 2 of Babylon 5 and now halfway through Season 3, the year of the Shadowwar. I did like Season 3 with certain episodes in particular.

Apologies to you all for the post entry title. Didn't mean to come over all Tom Jones. Must be the heat.

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