Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Another Big Game Night On Monday

3 games on Monday night. Had intended to join in one of them. Even came armed with dice and tape measure. Arrived too late to join in so just chatted and took photos instead.
First up a huge War of the Spanish Succession game on the 18 foot table downstairs. Playing for the Maritime Powers were Andy Hamilton and Andy Sharpe. Maybe I should call them the Two Andy's. On the French side were Paul Robinson and Jase Whitfield.

Overview of the Game Table. Most of the figures on the table (80%) of them belonged to Paul Robinson. The remainder belonged to Andy Hamilton and Andy Sharpe. At the forefront, far left, is Andy Sharpe's Piedmontese in Melee with Paul Robinson's French.

The first 6 figures you see immediately in front of you are Andy Sharpe's Piedmontese, who, by this time, were on the run from Paul Robinson's French who are quite literally behind him.

Andy Hamilton's Austrians. Andy has not had the time to give them the appropriate flags. When he does, I will get you another photo of them. Don't they look great?

Mark Alcock's Wurtemberger Field Guns/Artillery for his 15mm Napoleonic Game against Dave Tuck and Steve Mercer. All the Wurtemberger figures belonged to Mark Alcock with the Saxons belonging to Dave Tuck.

Dave Tuck's Saxons clashing with Mark Alcock's Wurtembergers.

Tony Walmsley's 15mm Seven Years War figures. Tony was playing against Mal Taylor. All figures in this game belonged to Tony.
While I may need some re-educating on my history and wargaming figures (some club members will say that it is a certainty that I need re-educating), Tony's 15mm SYW figures are now instantly recognisable to me that I can now associate his figures properly with the period. For example, those horse-drawn carriages at the back.

A view of the state of play on Mal Taylor's side of the table in the Seven Years War Game.

A Busy Game night. The last game night before Christmas, well, for wargaming anyway.
After Christmas there are some big games going on at the Club just before New Year. On the 28th there is a huge game going on on the 18 foot table downstairs. The game Paul and the lads had earlier should hopefully whet your appetite. View Paul's report of the game on his blog at:

For more information on the game on the 28th December 2007, go to this entry on Paul's Blog:

I spoke to Steve Jones who dropped in and am also hoping to join in and take photos of a Rapid Fire! game going on on either the Saturday or Sunday after Christmas. Not played in a game of Rapid Fire! for years. Hoping Danny Malone will also be there. I would also like to add that a new Rapid Fire! book has just come out: Battle of the Bulge! by Richard Marsh.
There will therefore not be an entry on this blog next Monday night, well, there shouldn't be. Like most other people this time of year, I will have been staggering round the pubs morning till afternoon and do not expect to be sober by 4PM on Christmas Eve. Believe it or not, it's a tradition with me and some friends of mine. I imagine there'll be loads of people out at that time so we like to go out before it starts to get really busy in town.

I will be able to keep you updated on the progress of the new WW1 terrain boards so expect to see some more photos of them this week.

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