Friday, 7 December 2007

Concerning My Previous Post

Some may be wondering what my previous post was about. I bought myself a new phone a few days ago. Been wanting to upgrade for ages. There were some things I could not do with my old one that I can do with this one and much more. I bought myself a Sony Ericsson K800i (left) and finally got it web enabled last night meaning I could send MMS, use the wap facility, view RSS Feeds etc.
There is another interesting facility on this phone that I will probably start using a lot from now on: Photo Blogging. I can take a picture, add some text with it and publish it straight to this blog within minutes. That is how my previous post was done. When you first do it, it gives you your own blog on blogger then sends you a "claim token" which you then input into At that time the blog is by itself on At you have the option of leaving the mobile blog as it is or you can sign in with your blogger account and merge it with another blog. I merged the mobile blog with this one. So I can send any picture to this blog at any time from my phone as long as my phone has WAP access and it costs me nothing. To see more about my phone click here:
So whether I was out drinking and taking photos, travelling, on holiday, out and about I can send photos with text to this blog from the phone. It also means I could take some photos at the club on the phone, add text, send to the blog and be able to view this blog on it, whilst still at the club. I have been getting some things either mixed up or forgotten recently regarding whose figures are whose and such things. I could send a photo or two of each wargame along with details of the game etc whilst still at the club and be able to show it came on the blog whilst still there on the WAP internet. Like leaving a note to myself. All the really good pics could then be taken on my main 7 MP digital camera. It would be great at wargames shows as I could give a mini-report whilst I was there with pics of each game. I could then give a proper report days later with much better pics from my main camera. Handy if I don't want to lug my main camera round with me or if the batteries die on it. This mobile camera is good, it even has macro mode, but at the end of the day is a mobile camera. Good picture quality though.
As I am sure you guessed, I like my new toy. Best phone I ever bought. Expect to see wargames pics taken on the phone from the club soon. On my next post I will post some of the photos I took at the club on my main camera from Monday 3rd December 2007.

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