Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Merry Christmas! (Oh and We're on TMP again)

Merry Christmas to all. Hoping you having nice day so far. Yesterday my friends and I actually went out around 1pm, around a few pubs in Cleethorpes before finally leaving to go our separate ways about 6.30pm. Bought a small crate of Carling, went back with some of them to their house for a few hours, just in time to catch a repeat of Doctor Who on BBC3 and watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. More importantly, I had a few more cans. Didn't feel that hungover this morning and not had my Xmas Dinner yet. Won't be going to anyone else's house for Xmas Dinner. Will be having something vegetarian later with...veg obviously. Also have a little booze to have with it later, some fruit cake and best of all, a Chocolate Xmas Pud I got from Asda which cost me about a £5. Will be tucking in a bit later. Going to a friend's house tomorrow for my proper Christmas Dinner.

In the Christmassy spirit, I found this nice vid on YouTube. Might have caught a bit of it on the news. Being someone who likes cats and has one, I couldn't resist it. It's some cute cats doing Jingle Bells.

We have been on TMP again in the past 24 hours also. To read my news posting, click here:

Looking forward to the Doctor Who Christmas Special, guest starring Kylie Minogue this year, in "Voyage of the Damned" at 6.50pm on BBC1. There is a Doctor Who Confidential following it on BBC3 at 8.30pm. View the trailer below and have a Happy Christmas.

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