Sunday, 23 December 2007


Last Thursday, 20th December, I went down to the club to possibly play some card games. Refreshingly, we played something different altogether. A board game called Wallenstein (see photo left), set in 2 years of the Thirty Years War. Five of us played it: Myself, Mark Alcock, Jase Whitfield, Stuart Motley and a reasonably new player called Mike. Myself and the other Jase were on equal points in the middle of the game, shooting ahead of the others. Things changed by the end of the game though. I was Brown with most of my armies in Bayern. At the end Mark and I were level on 29 points, Jase Whitfield won on 45 points with the others around the 35 point mark. Enjoyed the game though. First time I played it. Look forward to playing it again. For a better description on the game and how to play it, follow the Wikipedia link below:

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