Sunday, 23 March 2008

Eastern Front game at Dave Tuck's House - Part 2

With Martin Buck arriving along with some scenery he had painted, the game began. Mike Barnatt and Martin Buck were Russian, using Mike's figures and equipment. I was German along with Dave Tuck. All the German figures and equipment were by Dave Tuck.

The scenery was by Dave Tuck. The boards were originally from the Grimsby Wargames Society. Some required some repair. They were then painted up in white. All the trees on these terrain boards are actually cake decorations that Dave cheaply bought from the US before painting them up. The trees quite literally slot into the landscape.

The Russians begin their attack coming on from one side of the table.

The Russians come dangerously close to the German Panzerfaust position.

I should also add that on the hour weather cards were also used which had a direct effect on the game. For example, a card may appear which says "Visibility within 20 inches only" or "Clear" or "Blizzard". Before that on the hour also dice were thrown by both sides to determine when their reinforcements would appear. As each hour went by, those dice were then added to each other. Whichever produced the highest result after the accumulation of the dice throws came on first.

Some Russian reinforcements come on.

My fellow partners in crime in this game. Dave Tuck (left), Mike Barnatt (middle) and Martin Buck (right).

Slightly better pic of them all. Mike is busy organising his forces, Martin is taking a photo with his phone while Dave watches. Notice Mike's artillery on the far left. Martin was the only one who did not bring his digital camera for this game as myself, Dave and Mike did.

It was then that we stopped for dinner that Dave had cooked us. Soup followed by Pizza if we wanted. I sent a photo to the blog at that point. During the first half of the game my dice throwing had not been too bad as the Russians had been taking hits. Unfortunately the rest of the time meant most of the German units ended up having suppressed fire due to my dice throwing.

Returning from dinner the Russians continued their attack, rushing past the Panzerfaust position after destroying it.

A close up of one of the German's vehicles.

To be continued...

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Fire at Will said...

Very nice report and terrain. The pegasus wooden buildings look good.