Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Triples 2008 at the Weekend

It's the Triples wargames show at Sheffield this weekend so am definitely going. I am mainly going for the demonstration games and have no interest in buying any miniatures or armies. Might buy some magazines while I am there though. If I come across something I like on a stall, I'll have a look but that's it. I was hoping to get a lift to the show with some other club members who I know are going. May have left it a bit late for that. Not had a chance to talk to any of them properly. Chances are their cars will already be full up anyway.

While at the show this weekend I will be taking photos of games I like as I did last year and try to promote the club while I'm at it. If my pics turn out ok I may even send them to a magazine to see if it is interested. If not there's always our website, this blog and the websites of the group whose game I took photos of. Not short of places to publish.

It is likely that I will do what I did last year and travel to Sheffield by train then take the tram to the Uni. However this year I have decided I will blog from the show in real time using my Sony Ericcson mobile. Those of you who can't make it to the show please watch this space from approx 9.10am on Saturday. I blogged from the WSS game at the club just after Christmas in real time.

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