Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Website Back Up (but it's not happy)

Hi all,

Glad to tell you that the Grimsby Wargames Society Website is now back up. Sorry it was down for a day. Turned out that even after it had transferred, it was pointed at the wrong servers so I could not upload the site. That was after contacting technical support about it. Once the servers were corrected, the site went back up as fast as I could do it.

Doing that however exposed some other unexpected bugs or gremlins in the works. For the time being till the code is sorted out the pages that show the RSS of Hobby News and Ebay for Wargamers will be taken down. Decided to remove our present guestbook too which hasnt been used in a while anyway and get a better one.

Biggest problem may be our coppermine gallery. Although the database was saved along with all photos up to 3 May 2008 (would have backed up Tuesday again hours before expected transfer), there is a slim chance that such things as logins etc may be lost. Am hoping they aren't but it is possible. Thought it only fair to warn you.

Some pages need updating anyway such as the Front page to change the photo. Maybe one of Joe Dunn's this time. As soon as I can the page for the Tuesday Night Gamers needs updating also along with some more photos recently taken of some of their games.

Talking of gremlins...

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