Saturday, 10 January 2009

Great Grimsby Gaming Group

The Great Grimsby Gaming Group as they call themselves are technically not part of the Grimsby Wargames Society but play at the club on Tuesday nights. The group has contributed quite substantially financially to the club's income for many years now which is just one reason we like having them here. They are a friendly, lively bunch. On any one night there could be up from 35-40 people in the building. We can't match that on a Monday night. Along with a few others who play on Monday, I signed up to become a member of the group about a year ago.

Yesterday I revised the page on the group that I had displayed on our official website (see pic above). There are more photos to upload to the site and bring those galleries up to date. More will be taken this year. It's not practical to do the same thing for the group that I would do for the Grimsby Wargames Society so I'll just take some pics every few months of some interesting games. The most recent photos I took from one of the group's game nights were taken on 8th April 2008 - some of which are below. Only took first names of the players too. If you want to find out who they are you'll have to come down on a Tuesday night.......

This is from a game called Aeronautica which at the time was being played by Ken and John.

A game of "basic" Warhammer 40K, at the time being played by Rick, Danny and Stef. I say "basic" as there are that many different rulebooks to do with various creatures etc in Warhammer.

Another photo of that same 40K game.

Warhammer 40K Codex. Playing were Olly, Glenn, Steve, John, Glen, Les and Liam. Those Games Workshop figures have always been good but those tanks and other machinery look great.

Some figures occupying one of the 40K Codex buildings.

These busty ladies will not only trim your hedges but possibly give you a haircut too. Judging by their clothing you might even get a free spanking...if you like that sort of thing.... 40K Codex again.

These are Tombkings from Warhammer 40K belonging to Tom.

These fellas in the house are Aaron's Dark Elves.

The name of this game escapes me at the moment however it involves several fleets or groups of ships attacking each other. I believe these belonged to Chris Duncan.

Since these were taken my photography has improved as has the lighting in the club so any future photos will be much better than these.

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