Saturday, 24 January 2009

Wargames At The Club 19th January 2009

My first Monday night of 2009 at the club. Only dropped in this time. Hoping to get back to playing and joining in again soon. As usual, took a few pics of the games that were played. There were 3 games that night.

Dave Tuck (left) and Steve Mercer (right) were engaging in a 15mm American Civil War Battle.

Dave was the Union while Steve was playing as the Confederates.

Some of Steve's Rebs taking the long way round to the Battlefield.

The ACW playsheet. This is the advanced version of the playsheet that had been used in the October 2008 ACW game at Dave's house. Its report can be found here:

Mike Barnatt (left) and Tony Walmsley (right) playing 6mm Ancients. Indians v Alexandrians (Greeks).

A close up of some of the action in the 6mm Ancients game. Personally I find this scale too small for me and could hardly see anything even when I tried to look up close. Those lads have obviously got better eyesight than me.

Mike built this fort at home for his 6mm Ancients game.

A nice large War of the Spanish Succession game on our big table. The players were: Paul Robinson (Grimsby Mariner) as the French, on the left of the photo; Andy Hamilton (on right of photo) and Mark Alcock (not in photo) as the Anglo-Dutch.

An "aerial" view of the WSS action in the middle of the table.

Cavalry Melee between the French and the Anglo-Dutch.

The French won the entire battle. Read Paul's report here at:

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