Monday, 19 January 2009

Wars of the Roses 29th December 2008 Dave Tuck's place. This was the last wargame I played of 2008. Playing in this game were Dave Tuck, Martin Buck, myself and Mike Barnatt. Dave was the Yorkists, ably assisted by Martin while I was on Mike's side. The rules used were Piquet.

As usual everybody throws dice at the beginning to find out what type of troops they have. Unlucky for Mike, mine turned out to be treacherous while his were both treacherous and Wrath. Mike was playing with more troops than me.

Mike and Dave setting out their forces.

View down the line of the Lancastrian forces with Mike (minus head) in the background.

These were the troops I was playing with.

The Yorkist forces.

Most of the action took place in the middle on our side of the table. There was some at the top, both controlled by Mike.

On the left, The Duke of Somerset I believe from the Lancastrian side. (Note to self: must try to remember the names of important historical figures in games).

My troops finally in melee. They had been treacherous little so-and-so's standing about getting shot at and twiddling their thumbs for a lot of the game. The enemy ended up coming to me as I had not actually moved that much all game.

Some more of my troops in melee. Mine are on the left.

In the middle you can see Mike's troops (upfront) struggling against the Yorkists.

My troops (with rings on). Despite taking casualties earlier in the game and being surrounded actually somehow managed to survive till the game ended.

At the end of the game my other troops were starting to feel a little under pressure.

The scoreboard. Basically it was used to determine how many units were needed before either side lost the game. Dave needed 19 units to lose the game whereas we required 18. Dave only lost 8 units all game where unfortunately we ended up losing all of ours.

It was a great game and all thoroughly enjoyed it. Dave as usual kept us hydrated and made a good dinner for us all. His hospitality is hard to match. However I would like to add...

We'll get ya next time Tucky....:)

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