Saturday, 14 February 2009

Vapnartak 2009: World War 2 East Africa

First, my apologies to the Ilkley lads. Have taken photos of one of their games before at Triples but were unable to publish them as they did not come out due to that horrible orange light in the Octagon! This time however it was different.

On the photo above you can see an "aerial" view of the table at Vapnartak 2009.

Tanks and Infantry at the River.

Infantry ready and prepared for defence.

Both sides clashing while the forces on the higher ridge have got the advantage as they can shoot from a height! The rules used were Field of Battle.

Video footage was taken of this game and will be available soon on our Youtube channel.

Following the show, whilst browsing the blogosphere I stumbled across a blog entry about the Ilkley Lads preparing for Vapnartak 2009 - with some great photos. You can find it here:

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