Tuesday, 4 August 2009

An Act of Vandalism and some nice Napoleonics

Before I begin I should say that my previous post was actually my 300th post. Don't think we should break out the champagne till the 500th though.

Dropping in on the wargames club last night for a chat and to see what games were going on, I learned the clubhouse had been vandalised the night before. It was impossible not to notice it really. The Vandals had somehow managed to do some considerable damage to the bottom half of the door. Bearing in mind that we also have a gate, which is also padlocked and usually covers the door. Apparently it happened sometime several hours after the computer club had left on Sunday night. As you can see, it was patched up as best as possible.

The patching up on the inside of the door.

Not sure if there have been any occurrences of this in the past but either way it will still cost the club some funds to have the door repaired or replaced which it should not have to do.

On a positive note, Mike Barnatt and Mark Alcock were there playing a nice big Napoleonics game using the In the Grand Manner rules. Our own Tony Walmsley was watching the game (see right).

Below are a few more pics of the game from various angles.


Donogh said...

A real shame about the vandalism (though I'm glad they didn't get inside)
That Napoleonics game looks brilliant. Fantastic terrain

Anonymous said...

Vive l'Empereur!

¡Bienvenido/a lector/a! Esta aventura por recorrer el Mundo de la mano del Emperador Napoleón Bonaparte (1769-1821) nació el 30 de Abril 2009, día en el que además, Napoleón vendió Luisiana a los Estados Unidos por 80 millones de francos.


Grimsby Mariner said...

What amazes me is that no one evers sees anything. The club house is opposite other houses and with domestic properties to the left and right. And yet someone spends time kicking the hell out of a door and not a single person hears anything, investigates it or reports it.

Wow Gold said...

Nice blog. I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Seem to remember fitting that door one Saturday many years ago - I can't have made that bad a job of it. Haven't wargamed for quite a while but thinking of making a return now I am a man of leisure. See some names I recognise, wonder if they remember me.

Mick Huteson