Tuesday, 28 July 2009

My trip to Lincoln Recap

As anyone who's been following my tweets will be able to tell you, I went to Lincoln today on the train and back.

The picture shows all my spoils of the day except a pack of sandalwood incense I bought at a shop inside the Lawns grounds. The main reason for going was to buy all that Magic the Gathering product you see pictured on the left which was a booster box and fat pack. Bought myself a new deck box for the new deck I'm planning, which will mostly be made up of cards out of this latest set.

On my travels I took loads of photos which I will put up in the next few weeks. They all came out very well. Went to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life (though took no pics, just the outside), Lincoln Castle - but did not feel like walking round the walls today so will do that another time and missed one building out inside the castle walls. Explored everywhere else inside the Castle though. Went to Lincoln Cathedral but only entered the Minster Yard on this occasion. Things I didn't do on this trip I will do on my next one. It was a really nice warm day with the sun shining and a light blue sky. Had a really nice day.

The other items you see in the photo above are Pamphlets about World War 1 Tanks and a book I decided to buy on the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment. The book is called The Poachers - The History of the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment 1685 - 1969. I bought it out of interest at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life after seeing the exhibition on the Regiment. The museum was great with my favourites parts being the exhibition on the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment and seeing this MKIV tank called 'Flirt' in the transport section of the site. Apparently the Tank was invented in Lincoln. This one had seen action in November 1917 and had been loaned to the Museum in the 80's by the Bovington Tank Museum.

Even if I had seen more of the attractions at Lincoln there are still more attractions to be seen at Lincoln anyway so they are planned for the future.

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