Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I've been Tweeting!

Yep. Finally caught the twitter bug. It's well known that Twitter isn't quite as popular as facebook but I quite like it. Downloaded a program this afternoon which means I can "tweet" from my PC desktop. I can also twitter from my mobile phone. Only started about 2 weeks ago.

Thought it might function as a "mini-blog" on here. Anything on my mind, life in general and of course some gaming twitters I hope. My Twitter page is also linked to this blog. You can find my twitter page at:


Advantages to twitter are that you can just send a short text message about anything at any time and therefore extremely quick. Quicker than the mobile blogging I used to do which I can't do anymore as unfortunately lost that phone a few months back. The phone I am using at the moment has less capabilities.

Anyway, hope you like my tweets and will do my best to keep them interesting. The feed will always be displayed on the right on this blog. Amazingly I already have half a dozen followers.


Anonymous said...

Only twits twitter!!!!!!!!!!!

My thought for the day

Dave Tuck

General Grant said...

lol Dave

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