Sunday, 19 July 2009

WSS Game 13th July 2009

Just the WSS game that night: Corporal John v The Sun King (Louis XIV). An AK47 and an American Civil War game were planned to go ahead but unfortunately some players were not able to make it for those games which resulted in those games being cancelled.

There's the forces of the Sun King on the left who were commanded by Paul Robinson and his son James. On the right were the English, owned and commanded by Mark Alcock with the help of Steve Mercer.

These forces were being commanded by Paul. Note some of the Gabions near the field gun. They are just some of many that Paul has been painting up recently in preparation for his planned Refight of Malpaquet sometime in September 2009.

The game begins...

More of the English advance while there is a big Melee being fought..

Close up of the Cavalry Melee. Incidentally the final result was that the English won. For a more detailed report go to

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