Monday, 13 July 2009

The Relief of Vilnius and much more

In returning to the club tonight it is time I reported on my previous monday night visit. The games that night - 29th June 2009 - were WW1 and WW2.

As you can tell by the title of this post a scenario based on the Relief of Vilnius was used for one of the games, specifically the WW2 game on the big table downstairs.

Playing in this game were Dave Tuck, Steve Mercer and Tim. Dave Tuck and Tim were the Germans whilst Steve was the Russians.

That nice chap with the beard watching the game is Martin Buck.

The view from Vilnius. The scenario came from the light blue Russian Front Rapid Fire! book by Richard Marsh however the rules they were using for this game were Blitzkrieg Commander.
The Germans had to relieve Vilnius and go back again. The scenario got harder as time went by as the Russians were also getting reinforcements to fight back.

Mike Barnatt (left) and Ron Skeet (right) prepare to do battle using Blitzkrieg Commander rules. Mike as the Russians with Ron as the Germans.

Ron's Germans on the loose.

Mike Barnatt's newly repainted "Tankettes"

Our fantastic WW1 terrain boards before gameplay.

John Ogden (left) and Andy Hamilton (right) in deep discussion over the rules. In front of Andy are command and control sheets, to be used in conjunction with the Schwerpunkt rules. The command and control sheets for attacker and defender differ slightly.

With Paul Robinson unable to make it and therefore no Americans, the game carried on using just Mark Alcock's Germans. John Ogden using the Germans in the trenches whilst Mark Alcock and Andy Hamilton were the other attacking Germans - standing in for the Americans. All the Germans in this game belonged to Mark Alcock.

German field gun and crew.

Attacking Germans.

More attacking Germans. Photo taken at F12


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