Monday, 29 June 2009

Anyone for a Tecklenberger?

They are nice with cheese apparently. Only joking. Last monday there were 2 games: WW1 Trench Warfare and a War of the Spanish Succession game between the Austrians and Tecklenbergers.

Playing as the Germans, which belonged to Mark, were Mark Alcock and John Ogden. Playing with the Doughboys were Paul Robinson and his son James. The Doughboys belonged to Paul.

Close up of the Germans in the trenches.

Some of the Doughboys

Andy Hamilton's Austrians begin entering the Battlefield

The Austrians General coming over the bridge..

These Austrian Dragoons are really nice, aren't they?

Mike Barnatt's Tecklenbergers

A nice line of Austrian Infantry facing the Tecklenbergers at the bottom of the bridge. All of Andy Hamilton's Austrians are Front Rank.

Mike Barnatt's Tecklenbergers comprised of various makes including Spencer Smith Miniatures, Irregular Miniatures and some from Steve Mercer, other Grimsby Club member.

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