Thursday, 15 October 2009

Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

Blog Action Day is finally here in which thousands of bloggers all over the world unite to highlight a particular issue.

This year, of course, the issue is Climate Change. Climate Change affects everyone on the planet in various different ways as its consequences are manifested in the weather patterns and things such as rising sea levels and increases in temperature and the melting of the ice caps.

For more information on the Science of Climate Change go to ....... Most people think of Global Warming when they think of Climate Change. The warming of the earth is actually a natural phenomenon however it is the impact on the earth by humans that has caused the earth to warm unnaturally through huge amounts of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

To find out more on the effect of climate change on the earth go here: The presentation is narrated by former US Vice President Al Gore using Google Earth.

While investigating Climate Change and relevant sites on the web, I unexpectedly stumbled across the Department of Energy and Climate Change, a UK Government agency (see screenshot). Not sure about other readers but until I started looking I was not aware of its existence. You can find it here:

About 40% of high carbon emissions are by individuals and households. So if people only slightly changed the way they did things at home it would have an impact. Even doing a small thing could help. Doing lots of small things that could cut carbon emissions could have a big impact on emissions if everyone did them. It comes down to a better way of managing waste by recycling all recyclables such as tins, paper and glass. The Grimsby Wargames Society recycles. Those bins are regularly filled up with empty tin cans from drinks. Myself I recycle a lot of tins. I use a lot of them and go through quite a few of them because I buy a lot of tinned cat food. Also recycle paper too. There is place near me that recycles everything else: somewhere to take the plastic and glass basically. For those in Grimsby, coming from Littlefield Lane go down Chantry Lane towards St James Square and look to your left. The bins are on the edge of the car park.

Then there are other things like installing Loft Insulation to preserve heat in a house so that less or no heating is required, Turning off all equipment when it is not being used and not leaving it on standby, Turning off unused lights. Using energy saving lightbulbs. For more information on little things to do to cut down on carbon emissions in the home go to:

Another site offering ways to cut down carbon emissions in the home is the Act on Co2 site here:

In December there is going to be a Climate Change summit at Copenhagen. With the help of the US and President Barack Obama, we can get action taken to cut down on carbon emissions. Add your voice here:

It is time for Governments to sit up and take notice. Action must be taken all over the world. What will it take for any sceptical governments to believe in climate change, an island in the pacific or other region wiped out due to rising sea levels? Another disaster which involves a drastic change in the weather?

Another interesting piece I found on global warming and climate change can be found here:

I am just 1 of over 9000 bloggers worldwide participating in Blog Action Day. Even Prime Minister Gordon Brown has contributed to Blog Action Day. Read his contribution here:


Monty said...

Hi Grant,

I commend your entry on raising the awareness of climate change, but I'm afraid I am one of the so-called heretics that do not believe that man is causing this natural occurrence.
We all need to conserve finate energy sources, recycle the Earth's valuable resources and invest in environmentally friendly industry.
But the whole arguement in my opinion that man is to blame is purely politicised nonsense designed to perpetuate the aims of those who have originated it; the reasons for this are too exhaustive to highlight in this forum.
Despite the now widely-believed propaganda, there is no universal consensus within the scientific community as we have all been led to believe, however, those who dare think anything other than the established version of events are ostrasised and bullied into silence.
Increased CO2 is the result of global warming not the cause - Al Gore got his findings the wrong way round and chose to present his own hypothosis for reasons best known to him.. The World and the West in particular have been duped and now believe this self-fulfilling prophesy of lies designed to ultimately bring about their demise.
Sorry to go on, mate - this is not aimed at you or your noble intentions, but rather those that have created this monumental deception.

These are my personal views, which are not shared by all.
Best wishes, mate,

Fraxinus said...

excellent post...must re invigerate my Green Leveller blog have some sustainable building stuff to stick on it plus loads more...this post has re inspired me! proves there is such a thing as a green wargamer!!

edwin sanchez said...

Once the deep mystery of “climate change” has been solved
And “What’s green and causes CC?” is no longer a popular riddle,
The legacy of the era most likely will be:
“Never in recorded history have so many made so much over so little”.
(With apologies to the late, great Winston Churchill).

Greenrain said...

climate change, main reason must be the development of human society.

Now natural disasters become more and more, nothing to do with human being???

No, exactly not.

And finally, maybe someday, all lives die. Joking???