Monday, 5 October 2009

WW1 Wargame at the Club 17th August 2009

Sorry all. This post is ever so slightly just over a month. On my last visit to Monday nights - I am returning next week - There was a WW1 game going on.

Testing out some of John Ogden's rules, as John was there also, were Mal Taylor with his Germans and Andy Hamilton with his British. As always, the figures produced by both members are a joy to look at.

Andy Hamilton's British HQ

Mal's Germans occupying a building

Mal's Germans ready and lying in wait..

This lovely German plane belongs to Mal. Sadly I'm not sure what the name of the plane is called.

A better shot of the German WW1 plane.


Fraxinus said...

superb WW1 set up, very nice paint job on that Albatross/Pfalz biplane

the paint blog said...

the albertross is a die cast and comes ready painted, heavy and expensive as well

Monty said...

Bloody impressive...

Al said...

Very nice, what rules do you use for WW1?

General Grant said...

Our clubs own rules which are themselves an adaptation of the Schwerpunkt rules by Nathan Ward.