Monday, 14 December 2009

Forthcoming Events

Christmas Grand Melee

Okay, we are going to have a Multi-Player Event on Wednesday 23rd December.

Location :- Grimsby Magic Club, Sixhills St, Grimsby, DN34 5UJ

Doors Open :- 19.00 for 19.30 start.

Entry Fee :- £5.00

Basic Guidelines

Minimum Sixty Card Standard Legal Decks

Seating will be random

You are allowed ONE free Mulligan

You may only attack the opponent to your immediate left with creatures.

You may defend with creatures to your right.

Spells, Abilities and Global Effects have a range of two players either side of the player casting the spell.

Each Player has a "Booster on their head", kill a player to win their booster. Bonus Prize for first place and foily door prizes at Random/TO's Discretion.

Extended Event

Just to be different 30th December Wednesday Night Magic will be Extended, its next seasons PTQ Format and seems a few of you missed the opportunity to play on Saturday with their older cards. So dust off those Kithkin, Slivers and Tarmogoyfs.


Mark Pinder

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