Thursday, 10 December 2009

International Human Rights Day

On today it is International Human Rights Day as organised by Amnesty International. It is also on this day that we are reminded that every person on this planet has human rights. The UN Declaration of Human Rights can be found here:

What many people do not immediately realise is that in many countries all over the world many people are denied their basic human rights. It is absolutely disgusting. For example, Iran has a reputation as a country with a poor human rights record. For more news about Human Rights Abuses follow this link:

One of many organisations dedicated to raising awareness about Human Rights and combatting any instances of those denial of Human Rights is Amnesty International. Go to Amnesty at:

If you want to take action to help another person's and your own human rights follow this link:

The Human Rights of everyone must be protected. How would you like it if your rights were denied you?

Human Rights applies to everyone including in their workplace. For information about your Human Rights in the Workplace (in the UK anyway) go to:

Take Action Now! Stand up for your rights if you think they are being violated and help protect everyone else's rights too!

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