Sunday, 17 January 2010

Website Update since 2010 AGM

Following the AGM On January 4th 2010, the website has been updated. It was updated on January 5th 2010 with a new photo. The banner at the top of the page was also removed. In addition the link as to "where to find us on grimsby" was changed to a better multimap link.

As you can clearly see it was updated on the 5th January 2010. The type of updates requested were like an update to the gallery or even if it means just changing the front page of the website every month.

The gallery was also removed from the menu so that no one could use it. I decided to remove it for the time being till the galleries could be revamped with more newer content after a comment made at the AGM, which I view as a fair comment, that the galleries on the gallery page were old.

The picasa galleries that were linked to from that page are still accessible so if anyone has any of those galleries on their favourites they can still be viewed.

The previous update was in November 2009, specifically 25th November 2009 as also clearly stated in this blog post:

Main page index.html updated on 25th November 2009.

This is the October 2009 front page update. The photo on it is from one of Paul Robinson's blog posts.

Any changes to the website and all updates will be documented on this blog as I have done in the past. To view past updates etc on this blog click on the link on right or here:

Each time I have made an update or change to the website in the past I have taken screenshots of them. Screenshots will also be made of changes and updates from this point on. Updates will also be posted on my twitter feed.

Since the AGM I have made changes to our facebook group that I set up a few years ago to promote the club and its members.

At this moment in time the Grimsby Wargames Society Facebook group has 33 members and is open to members and anyone interested in the club. It can be found at:

On the subject of Grimsby Wargames Society members contributing to the website, all I can say is: The website is about the Grimsby Wargames Society and its members. While I am happy to try to get contributions off members, it is only fair that club members must themselves make an effort to contribute also. If you want your pictures on the website, give them to me! If there's only a few you can email them to me at If there's a large amount you can burn them to CD or DVD to give to me, or put them on a flash drive or I could let you borrow my flash drive though it is only 1GB. It may also be helpful for all members to provide me with their up to date email addresses which could be useful in notifying members of updates.

Should any member or the club itself wish to advertise for an event or even just a big game in which other gamers and members of the public are able to join in then let me know in plenty of time. It will be advertised on the website as well as this blog. As always I am happy to listen to suggestions, comments and fair and constructive criticism regarding the website.

Finally, I wish to bring this to all the attention of all the Grimsby Wargames Society members. I've been doing the website now FOR 8 YEARS!!! I dont think any of the members have noticed or care. The initial idea for even doing a website for the club was mine to begin with. A proposal was actually typed up by me before being presented to the club. The website in its form then (nothing like it is now) was then ready for just after Christmas 2001 coming online in January 2002. A month later Mark Piper of the 20th Century Wargaming website at was good enough to link to it. Mark Piper has since had one of his scenarios published in the Rapid Fire! 2nd edition rulebook.

With Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, the yahoo group, this blog and the website, all I have set out to do in those 8 YEARS is do my best - on a voluntary basis - to promote the club, its members and all the other groups who use it and help to keep it running. At the same time I have always hoped the club appreciated those efforts and did not take them for granted.


被リンク said...

Your continuous improvement will attract more peoples. Good job.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the club has ever taken the work done for granted. I do beleive that the issues raised at the AGM were to try and promote the society through a group website rather than an individuals blog. The principle being that the group site has a unity to it whereas a persons nlog allows that individual to express there own opinions - something you've done with this post (and there's nothing wrong with that). You are right of course to ask members to help contribute to the site.

General Grant said...

This blog has always been about the Grimsby Wargames Society and always will be and functions as an advert for the club covering all aspects of its running, all games etc

The evidence regarding updates is not an opinion but a fact. I was lucky to get a word edgeways at the AGM about anything and was falsely accused of not doing anything with the website when the opposite was true.

Generally society's who appreciate the work an individual has done for them at least have the decency to acknowledge that work and thank the person for it.

Grimsby Mariner said...

I think what your previous poster was trying to get to was that in the post you had expressed disquiet and discomfort with the club in your post. this is something that must not be done on a club website - never criticise the club when you're trying to promote it. But it is perfectly right that you express opinions on your blog. Again, as I said at the AGM, volunteering to help is a thankless task. Whenever the club calls for volunteers there are a few notable, regular, abstainers - these also tend to be the most vocal & critical of others efforts.

General Grant said...

At no point in that blog post do I criticise the club. Asking for club members to make an effort to contribute to the website is not a criticism. If you think otherwise, please point it out.

You did not say anything about volunteering to do stuff for the club being a thankless task at the AGM when I was there Paul. You said other things. I found to my shock at the AGM that one listened to what I had to say and were too busy telling me what they thought while not paying any attention to what I said. Many unfair criticisms were levelled at me, the website and this blog for no apparent reason. It was the worst AGM I have ever been to in my experience.

All of us grimsby bloggers promote the club just by posting game reports, reporting other things that happen at the club, and saying positive things about the club and all those who use it.

My post to that other poster was in response to their comments. Or do you think that it is ok for members to make unfair criticisms? If I think I have been unfairly criticised I have a right to defend myself against that.