Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Rise of the Eldrazi

Good Afternoon,
Well you might now be thinking, OMG Mark is keen as he is already emailing out about the next Magic Set. Well, Wizards have sent me my information through for booking the Pre Release, Release Event etc.
The date for these events would be
Sunday    18th April
Sunday    25th April
Now after the relatively poor attendance at both of the Worldwake Events I am looking for an idea of numbers before I order in stock as this time I seem to be tripping over myself in booster boxes.
I've a couple of weeks before I have to book everything but want to get a better feel than last time though the last two pre releases have seen numbers drop by a third on the day.
Now as a side effect from the last two weekends I have the following for sale.
3 x Worldwake boosters on offer for £10.
3 x Zendikar boosters on for offer for £9.00
1 x Worldwake Intro pack £9.00 each (8 left)
1 z Zendikar Intro Pack £5.00 each (4 left)
Box of Zendikar £80.00 (2 left)
Box of Worldwake £85.00 (1 spare)
2 x packs of 50 Red Ultra Pro Sleeves £4.50

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