Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Well, the lack of non-Grimsby Wargames Society website related posts anyway. Over the next few days I plan to post photos of the last time I went to the club in early february. Recently I have been rebuilding and overhauling the Grimsby Wargames Society website. It is my intention to have it up and running by the time this weekend ends. Just got some pages to do and rather a substantial amount of photos to upload to the club's new Flickr feed I created specially. Not going to upload all the photos in one go but would like to have the most important pics, in particular, photos that were in the Picasa galleries, uploaded to Flickr. Aim to get a good deal of photographic contributions from members uploaded before the site goes live under the domain name http://www.gywargames.co.uk 

There are still more pages and content to be added to the static pages but am confident that can be done before the weekend. If you want to have a look at what the site looks like in its unfinished state go to http://grimsbywargames.wordpress.com . Please do not link to this Wordpress domain.

The Grimsby Wargames Society website has always been owned by me and this new version is no exception. Technically it is MY BLOG, just made to appear like a website. Wordpress has always been great when it comes to creating websites with its software. It is actually hosted at Wordpress.com

If you actually look to the top right of this blog you may notice that I have added 2 static pages to it. Wordpress has always had that ability for many years but it is a new development on Blogger. There is an "About Me" page plus another page with a map "Where to find the Grimsby Wargames Society" should anyone wish to visit us. Please have a look at these pages. 

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seing it Ive a pen drive of photos let me know when you are at the club and i will bring them down

cheers Dave T