Sunday, 14 March 2010

Typical! Website domain not working

Sorry Folks. Just realised that as soon as I had said you could find the website at the domain the domain stopped working. Have checked and double checked all the settings and can find nothing wrong. Must be the domain nameservers of the domain host at
The website is up as I have said earlier its just domain name less till the correct servers sort themselves out.
Hopefully it will be back to normal shortly.


the paint blog said...

looks ok to me no problems getting to it


General Grant said...

I cant get to it using either firefox or internet explorer. Are you using the www at the beginning?

Anonymous said...

looks nice Jas, you have done a good job :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice revamp/rebuild Jason I for one am very pleased with the new look and thank you for your hard work on this project. It must have taken some considerable time to do

Dave Tuck

General Grant said...

Thanks Dave. Several weeks at least.

Still got lots of photos to upload. Other things have yet to be posted on it. The real hard work is just beginning as the full extent of my plans for the site will come out in the next few months.

被リンクを増やす said...

Good luck.