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Well April went by in a flurry of Rise of the Eldrazi events and we now turn to the May events. Moving swiftly on, we are straight into the Birmingham May event this Saturday with a Nationals Qualifier event. The full details are below:

Event Notes:

[1] The event is initially limited to 80 players so please make sure that you pre-register to guarantee your place. Pre-registration for the Birmingham event ends on THURSDAY the 13th of May. Please help me to ensure that I have an accurate assessment of attendance figures by pre-registering.

[2] We will be using deck registration sheets at our Nationals Qualifiers event. Please bring pens with you.

[3] Deck registration sheets must be completed and handed in when registering for the event so please arrive in enough time to complete the deck registration sheet before registration ends.


[4] Price for admission is £10.00 for the Qualifier event.

[5] A qualification slot is available to one player for every eight participants at the event. So for example if we have a 40 player event, the top 5 finishers will qualify for Nationals!


VENUE: Quality Hotel Birmingham, 166 Hagley Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, England B16 9NZ 

The venue is probably only about 15 minutes from the city centre easily accessible from New Street Station. Road links are very good from the M6 and the M5 as you will see on the map. 

If you are travelling by car, there is parking for over a hundred cars but most of the spaces are at the back of the hotel. Drive towards the red barrier at the right hand side of the venue and it will automatically open. All you need to do when leaving is pick up a parking token from the hotel reception. Parking is free if you have used the hotel facilities, so there will be no parking charge for players attending the event.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT: According to locals, as far as trains are concerned, it's quicker to go to Five Ways station if possible, walk to the Five Ways shopping centre and then just walk down Hagley Road. From New Street Station the 128 and the 129 buses from Corporation Street (1 min walk from New Street) go down the Hagley Road (and I'm sure there must be others too). If you are travelling by train and you are running late I'd suggest just getting a taxi to the venue. I suspect that it is less than a 10 minute drive from New Street Station.


Directions: These are available from the Hotel's website: 

START TIME: Enrolment from 9:30am till 10:30am. Round One will start at about 10:45am.

FORMAT: The format for each Nationals Qualifier tournament is DCITM-sanctioned Standard Constructed.

Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive

ENTRY FEE: £10.00 for main event

PRIZES: As per Wizards of the Coast premier event prize structure.

A qualification slot for the GB Nationals is available to one player for every eight participants at the event.

SIDE EVENTS: Rise of the Eldrazi TM Booster Draft side events available all day long. 

ENTRY FEE:  £11.00 for Booster Drafts (12 Boosters as prizes split 5/3/2/2)

SIDE EVENTS: 8 player Standard Constructed side events. If you have participated in the main event, the cost of entry is free, or 50p if you haven't played in the main event. They will be single elimination events, timed 45 minute rounds. The winning finalist gets two (2) Rise of the Eldrazi boosters; losing finalist gets one (1) Rise of the Eldrazi booster. I'll offer up to 12 events of this type each day and you can participate in multiple events if you would like to. These side events will start after round 2 of the main event has been completed.

Future Events 2010

May – Sat 22nd – Stafford – Rise of the Eldrazi Game Day

Game Day events are standard constructed format events where you get to try out your new Rise of the Eldrazi cards in the standard environment.

June – Sat 5th – Birmingham – UK Games Expo

June – Sun 6th – Birmingham – UK Games Expo

Once again I'll be trading at UK Games Expo at the Clarendon Suites in June. See for more details.

July – Sat 10th – Birmingham – Magic 2011 Pre-Release

July – Sun 11th – Stafford – Magic 2011 Pre-Release

The latest core set comes out in July and I'll be running a full Pre-Release weekend again.

July – Sun 18th – Stafford – Magic 2011 Launch Party

The Magic 2011 Launch Party event will happen the following weekend at Stafford. This is the first chance to buy Magic 2011 singles, boosters, boxes, intro packs and fat packs.

August – Sat 14th – Stafford – Magic 2011 Game Day

Game Day events are standard constructed format events where you get to try out your new Magic 2011 cards in the standard environment.

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