Monday, 30 August 2010

Wars of the Roses Fest

Last Monday we had 2 Wars of the Roses games going on. A Huge battle on the large table downstairs plus a smaller one on one of the tables upstairs.

John Ogden (on the right, with camera) as the Scots playing Mark Alcock as the Yorkists. At the time it seemed that there was no clear winner. The figures were great to look at though….




A Close up of some of John Ogden’s Scots.





Myself I participated in the HUGE game downstairs on the Yorkists side which meant I was on Dave Tuck’s side. Specifically my soldiers were on the left flank which was doing surprisingly well due to the unusual amount of sixes that were being thrown by me, leaving my counterpart Mike Barnatt understandably frustrated.

Both sides put up a great fight. On the Lancastrian’s side were Mal Johnston and one of his sons and Mike Barnatt. On the Yorkists side were myself, Dave Tuck and his godson James. Unfortunately due to the collapse on our right flank we were unable to achieve victory on this occasion. The first wargame I had played at the club in months and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here are a few other pics from the game:

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