Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Club Wargames 6th September 2010

It was my intention to come down to the club to join in in a game but due to the fact I was late arriving I ended up watching the chaos and destruction instead.
There were a small assortment of games: Warhammer, Wars of the Roses and War of the Spanish Succession.
Above you can see Dave Tuck’s godson James playing Ron Skeet at Warhammer. It was a basic Space Marines v Space Marines battle. From what I could gather, James appeared to be winning.
Dave Tuck (on left) was playing Mike Barnatt at Wars of the Roses. Mike was the Lancastrians as usual with Dave being the Yorkists.
It looked like them Lancastrians were getting another trouncing before I left…..

Below are a few more photos of the WOR game:

In this War of the Spanish Succession game were Mark Alcock as the English and Andy Hamilton and Mal Taylor as the Austrians using Andy’s Austrians.
Things were not looking good for the English when I left due to its commander’s poor dice throwing (not throwing high dice) which once again had reared its ugly head.
Here a few more pics of the WSS game:
This last photo is a close up of some of Andy Hamilton’s Austrians which are admired by all the club members, myself included, for the way Andy has based and excellently painted them.

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