Monday, 29 November 2010

Wargames 1st November 2010

On the 1st November 2010 the club’s ACW Campaign began though I will save those details for another post. After both sides in the campaign had discussed and decided their first moves, separately of course, a little game of ACW was put on using the Black Powder rules for those interested.


Mark Alcock and Paul Robinson with his son James were playing a WW1 game between Mark’s Germans and Paul’s “Doughboy’s”






Some of Paul Robinson’s “Doughboy’s” with their Field Guns.






Some of Mark’s Germans in Soft Cover. These were painted by Joe Dunn, a club member and professional figure painter.

Paul and Mark were playtesting some WW1 rules they were developing based on a discussion they had several months back. The result was that the Germans won, but not by much. It was hardly an overwhelming victory.



In this game which was intended for all those interested, was just to bring us up to speed with the Black Powder rules which the club is using in the ACW Campaign. Playing in this game were myself, Mal Taylor, Tony Walmsley (Union side) with Andy Hamilton and Jason Whitfield (Confederates).



I was manning the left flank which was under attack from Andy’s Reb’s whilst Mal Taylor attacked the Confederate forces in the middle. Tony was the right flank.





Unable to hold the right flank, as I ended up having to withdraw all my forces, with the centre and left collapsing, the Union side unfortunately lost.

Before the game ended Andy’s Reb Cavalry had entered the battlefield and were heading for Mal’s men. Good fun game. Thanks to Dave Tuck for his refereeing and use of his figures.

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Looking at this interesting war, I am thinking about the real war that may occur in China sea.