Sunday, 13 March 2011

Coming Back to Life

Sorry its been a little quite here for a while folks. Been preoccupied with other things including my financial situation which resulted in my broadband being suspended due to non payment of bill on 28th February and am now presently existing on hardship payments from the dole which is £39.25 a week at the moment, so it is possible to feed myself and my cat at least. After doing some calculations with what I had I found it was possible to buy myself a Pay as You go Vodafone USB Modem, a dongle, to get myself back on the net. It actually works really well. Paying off any of my bills may take several months due to my circumstances but am sure something can be sorted out.

Anyway, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, I’m “Coming Back to Life” again…Very soon this blog and all my other blogs/websites will burst into life as some planning is required to achieve my aims with those sites on top of my other plans for this year. It is also my intention to run the 2012 London Marathon but whether it will be possible to take part remains to be seen.


DaveC64 said...

I wish I had the room for great massive wargaming table like that =O) instead I have to squeez it into a pocky office in my house.

I dont what games you play, but you mind be interesting in Three Plains which is totally free.

Epic's Blog

Take care

Anonymous said...

Thought i'd let you know about a new FREE miniature wargames auction website: @

Thanks for looking

DaveC64 said...

Thank =O)

DaveC64 said...
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