Monday, 30 April 2007

All at Sea

Nice day today but a bit breezy. Went to the club tonight. As expected, there was a naval game going on but no Dave Hewins or Paul 1809 wargame. It had probably been cancelled. Going by Paul's blog it seems Paul had an extremely busy weekend and was picking up his new car tonight, amongst other things. In this Naval Wargame there was Steve Mercer playing Andy Hamilton with Ron Skeet joining in. Steve Mercer and Ron Skeet were on the Spanish Side while Andy Hamilton was British. Andy lost to Steve last time. I took quite a few photos as usual but this time I tried out a new setting on my camera. According to my digital camera book, for taking photos of some objects close-up it said the camera should be set to the lowest ISO. I therefore set my camera ISO to 50. It is supposed to produce the best quality and minimize the depth of field. I can tell you that quite a few came out.

As I have been talking about in previous posts, the photo I am going to show you - the final result - has been fixed/corrected in picasa for lighting, contrast and colour, cropped to show the image up more then sharpened to produce a clearer photo (above). It has also been resized. It is the Spanish ship Rayo. The period is the War of the Spanish Succession. The same process will soon be applied to all photos for the website past and future. It is also to produce the best high quality photos of our wargames to make the website even more worthwhile. Judge for yourself whether it is worth all that. I think it is.

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