Sunday, 29 April 2007

How I Take Photos

Photo of Ladybird Some people may be wondering how I get my photos to look the way they do. It's actually very simple. It has been learned over time by trial and error. I don't use a flash, loads of photos are taken, several shots are taken of whatever I am trying to take a photo of, the camera is in macro mode, the camera settings have been adjusted to suit the lighting conditions of the subject: more often than not for fluorescent lighting. I am not a professional by any means just a wargamer who enjoys taking photos and likes to get in close but not too close (it looks blurry otherwise). I also like to show off all the excellently painted figures by the members of our club in their wargames. That is just taking them however. At the moment I am at the stage where my quality control is in overdrive (read my picasa entry). This afternoon I practiced on a ladybird in the back garden. What's that got to do with wargaming? Because the subject is small as are some wargaming figures. The same approach was used to photo the ladybird (above). The lighting setting was obviously adjusted to daylight. This photo has only been resized, it came straight from my camera without any editing.

My friend Jamie came round and helped me with the garden, sorry grass, with us both taking turns mowing the grass. Jamie did also tidy up the garden, bag the grass and did some raking. I did some raking too. For his trouble, I knocked off some of the money he owed me and bought him some cider which we shared. Bought us both some munchies too. Glad he came round anyway as I am always working. No weeding or cutting the sides was done. The edges of the grass are still untouched. Hopefully I'll find time this week to so some weeding, put on weedkiller and cut the grass edges.
Here is a photo of the back garden today after we cut the grass.

On another matter, Crawley Wargames Club emailed me today. They have linked back to our official website. I, of course, will do the same. Crawley is presently in the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated with the Reiver game they displayed at Salute.

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