Monday, 9 April 2007

Easter Weekend

Went to the Star Trek CCG 2nd Edition Tournament at the society on saturday. Arriving late, Mark Alcock, Stuart Motley and Sonny Jensen were playing a card game of Wyatt Earp. Mark had bought this game at Triples along with some others. In the end Stuart and Mark had gained $30,000 in reward money with Sonny not so far behind. Then we had the tournament. Mark let me borrow one of his many decks. Stuart won the tournament with one of his ace decks (no surprises there then) with Sonny coming second. Stuart had to leave quickly as he was going to Warwick Castle,where his dad already was, for a few days with his re-enactment group "The Lincoln Castle Garrison" who unfortunately do not have a website yet. It was good to see them all as I cannot always attend these tournaments as I am quite often working overtime.

My article finally got finished saturday with some final touches yesterday regarding my visit to Triples 2007. It took me hours to do it. It was typed straight into the webpage off the top of my head, whilst trying to incorporate my photos into it. You can read the article here: My Visit to Triples 2007 with the updates here: Updates

Went to see my natural mum at Easter. Brought some soft-centred choccy for her as they are the only ones she can eat. She lives in a residential care home in Waltham, has been schizophrenic for many years and fast approaching 70. I am the only member of the family who goes to visit her. She still recognises me and everyone else at the home. Mum is always pleased to see me. Dropped by at the wrong time as it was nearly tea time when I went. Within 20 minutes of me arriving, she was nodding off in the chair. She was actually quite quiet which is usually an indication that she is very tired. The Choccies I bought her were Lindor. Just a small box. Doubt she could have managed a large one.

Had planned to start undercoating my border reivers today but I can't find them anywhere. the last place I saw them was at the club but I'm sure I bought them home. They were in the same bag as my GW paints. That bag also had a hole in it and my reivers were not in the bag when I checked. Am devastated. Was looking forward to start undercoating my reivers this weekend and start painting them within a few days. Ordered a replacement batch from Vendel Miniatures. Will keep looking. If the others turn up, I will have extra. If they don't, I will still have some reivers. Fingers crossed they are not far away.

Wandering around the back garden this afternoon to decide what I was going to do with it now Summer has arrived, another neighbourhood cat paid us a visit. Puss, my cat, came into the garden with me and was chewing grass as cats do. This other black and white cat was one of the 3 cheeky cats who, on occasion, I have "caught" doing a runner through the catflap after helping themselves to Puss's food and milk. It is why when Puss comes back in through the flap, I close it to stop any other cats sneaking in. Puss has not yet learned to go out through the flap yet. I took a photo this afternoon of this cheeky black and white cat (left). Below is a photo of Puss I took yesterday in the back garden. Had to move quick because she is very hard to take photos of as the only time she usually isn't moving about is when she's sleeping. I have other photos of Puss which I like but this is the best photo in ages.
Puss is a stray who wandered into my back garden a year ago and has been with me ever since. She's a lovely, nice cat, 4 or 5 years old, friendly, affectionate and good natured. Took her to the vet's for a check up before christmas. Puss was in perfect health with a really nice coat. Got her vaccinated and de-wormed. She is a very happy cat who has the terrible job of sleeping most hours of the day. I have always been glad that she found me and not anyone else.

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