Friday, 6 April 2007

Climate Change

It seems that according to the world's scientists Climate Change is a scientific fact. It has been debated for years but now apparently there is a scientific basis for it. I have always believed in it having observed the change in weather over the past few years or so. Things seem wetter in the UK and in North East Lincolnshire in particular Winter has slowly lost its bite. It still is cold but very milder. Snow fell this year but did not settle. Just light snow showers with hail. It wouldn't happen these days. Our hot days are really hot when we do get them. Otherwise they are gloomy and quite often wet. It is time the Governments of the World sat up and took notice of these findings. The severe impact of Global Warming may not happen for decades but it is the children of today in our schools who will be living in it. It affects everybody.

It was good to see those 15 servicemen who had been held by Iran for 13 days return yesterday with their debriefing today. They did the best they could under the circumstances and carried themselves with dignity throughout their ordeal. It was the Iranians who were in the wrong. When they were ambushed they were only lightly armoured against the Iranians who were heavily armoured. They would not have stood a chance. Britain should be proud of these servicemen.

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