Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Those World War 2 Italians..

Went to the club last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were 3 games going on:
15mm Seven Years War, Andy Hamilton and Tony Walmsley playing (see photo above, Horse Drawn Artillery by Tony Walmsley); War of the Roses, Dave Hewins, John Ogden, Andy Sharp and Mark Alcock playing. Dave Tuck and Steve Mercer were good enough to let me participate in their WW2 North Africa game between the British and Italians in desert terrain once again.

War of the Roses Figures by Dave Hewins The Figures in the War of the Roses Photo (left) were by Dave Hewins.

The objective in our WW2 game was for the Italians (myself and Dave Tuck) to capture 3 Tents in the desert. Steve Mercer already had one, Dave and I had 2. In the end, the British won on completing the objective of capturing the tents and on points too. Gave the British a hard time though. Well, I thought so. Funny thing is, I was throwing lots of high dice all game but it still did not save us. Hence the title of this entry, Those World War 2 Italians...
Here are some previews of photos from the World War 2 Game:

One of Steve Mercers A13 Tanks Dave Tuck's Naval Gun

In this final preview shot (below), Dave Tuck's Italian "Tankettes" had been machine-gunning Steve Mercers Infantry and Artillery Guns. In response, Steve rallied all his nearby tanks to attacking the "Tankettes" in a Blitzkreig. The "Tankettes" are the tanks smoking.

Blitzkrieg! After sifting through all the photos I took last night, this was the result of how many of each game turned out as good as the photos on this blog:

Seven Years War - 6 Photos
War of the Roses - 4 Photos
WW2 Italians v British - 20 Photos (there were more than one of some).

There is much work to be done on the website in the next few days before Easter: Article and Photos of Triples, last night's photos, the War of the Spanish Succession photos and more. Easter is still my deadline. Bear with me but I promise you it will be worth the wait.

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