Sunday, 1 April 2007

Orange Glow Removal

Happy April Fools Day!

I didn't feel like blogging at all yesterday. Felt slightly exhausted with my batteries not being even slightly recharged. So yesterday just watched some telly before went to bed, getting up this morning for work starting at 10am on checkouts. Feel slightly recharged today, better than recently and think I may have a cold. Sniffing a lot over the past few days too. Doctor Who was great last night. Good start to Series 3, introducing a new feisty companion, the lovely Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman). Looking forward to the next episode.

I had hoped to get my Triples article up by now but apart from being busy, a little under the weather, some of the photos from Triples are taking some time to sort out. After experimenting in Paint Shop Pro, I have a possible solution as to how to remove that annoying orange glow from the Octagon lighting, restoring the colour in the photos to what they should be. It's certainly a lot easier to tell how well the shot came out without that orange glow in the way, so can delete bad shots immediately. Playing with Paint Shop Pro as I type this. Should have photos sorted tonight along with gallery of last monday's game, making changes to the website over the next few days. Will have it all done by Easter. Hopefully before then. Determined to get my border reivers undercoated in the next few days. Enjoy the Doctor Who Trailer!

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