Thursday, 29 March 2007

Border Reivers Colours

Thinking of which colours I might use. So far I have decided on: Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Black, Grey or their nearest available GW colour but not on which reivers will be painted which way. Swords and Helmets (Steel Bonnets) will be Silver obviously. All those colours will be darker of course.
Over the past few weeks, I have also been busy collecting links on Border Reivers and The American Civil War, so that I can get ready to learn about both.
It seems these Reivers were thieves and raiders. Reiving went on for 300 years on the Anglo-Scottish Border involving many clans. That is one serious crime wave. There are loads of people around today with certain surnames that may be descendants of those reivers. Hopefully I plan to start undercoating mine with GW Chaos Black this weekend.
I closed my ebay shop today. Should have done it months ago as I have had nothing on it since December 2006. Once I have got my time organised, I will put up another large batch. With the shop gone, there is more chance of making some profit.

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