Wednesday, 25 April 2007

More Border Reivers Stuff

I picked up issues 234 and 235 of Wargames Illustrated today from Dave Hewins Model Shop. I mainly picked up 234 because there was a scenario on The Battle of Antietam in September 1862 of the American Civil War. Issue 235, apart from being the latest one, had an article on the Border Reivers game at Salute by the Crawley Wargames Club of which most of the Reivers on it were by Vendel. Which was obviously what Derek was talking about when I spoke to him on monday.

I undercoated my Border Reivers today with GW spray paint Chaos Black. Not having spray painted before or not painted for years, I just used basic common sense to get them done. Here's a photo of my undercoated Reivers. All Reivers and horses got 2 coats both sides. Hope it wasnt on too thick. This is the paper I moved them to after undercoating them. Still undecided which colours to paint them but I have the photos from our club's game which I took and Dave Tuck's Reivers which he gave me as an inspiration. Don't want them to look the same as other people's Reivers, similar maybe. It may also be easier to set a colour scheme for certain figures and if I have to paint another reiver of that figure, use the same colour scheme i.e. paint reiver with crossbow certain colour, paint next reiver with crossbow same as first one. It was such a nice day they were painted in the back garden on the top of an old washer destined for the tip.

Before undercoating I decided to have a good look at all the Reivers Dave Tuck had been good enough to give me. There were 13 painted in all, with 3 half painted to go on horseback. Dave had also given me 3 white undercoated horses, which were undercoated with the other figures this afternoon. Dave's painting is excellent as I will show you a few photos I took of them in the back garden earlier. Above is a photo of the half and unpainted Reiver figures etc given to me. Below are the photos I took of Dave's Reivers. Enjoy.

The photos taken at the Battle of Almanza game on monday were taken with an exposure of +2.0 without realising it. Normally I take photos with an exposure of +0.0. It has given me an idea as to how to possibly reduce the glare from the lights in photos. All photos of Reivers taken today were taken at my normal exposure.

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