Friday, 27 April 2007


Went to the doctor's this morning to talk about my antidepressants. I have been on them for approx 9 or 10 months, nearly a year. Have only been on antidepressants for the past few months to slowly wean me off them. At one point I was on 100mg a night of Amitryptyline. Last night I took my last 25mg tablet of it. Good news is, although he offered to put me on 10mg for another 2 months, I will be not taking any more antidepressants. I want shot of them. My Doctor and I have agreed that I will now be off them and he doesnt think there will be any side effects.

Picasa, one of google's programs. It's really good. Before I formatted my pc I downloaded it and played with it. Last night I did the same as well as this morning. Considering I take loads of photos each week for the Grimsby Wargames Society Website with some for this blog, Picasa is just the thing I've been looking for. Why? You may ask. My photos have got better over time. I had been using Paint Shop Pro to try to "fix" my photos, whether it be brightness or something else. Spent hours trying to correct my photos manually. With Picasa I can do it in a click. All I would use Picasa for, now and in the future, is to auto contrast photos before correcting the lighting and colour with the "I'm feeling Lucky" button. Tried it on a lot of the photos I have put in the galleries over the past few months. It has worked wonders. The Photos look even better than they did before. May crop them too depending on the photo and what I was trying to take the photo of. Another thing that Picasa will help me with is the Galleries. Photos can be exported into a web page format, a gallery. Wargames Illustrated uses Picasa to display photos by various photographers and wargames companies. I can just modify the webpage to add links to blogs or websites etc and upload it. I have already fixed and edited the photos I took of the Battle of Almanza 1707 game last week as well as the Border Reivers game from 12th March. The photos look great. Wait till you see. Although seem may have been deleted by myself from the camera or hard drive, I still have the vast majority of the original photos I downloaded straight from my camera. Some of those photos have now been fixed. The rest will be fixed in due course. Some photos that I still have but were not used for lighting problems etc can now be brought back and used if I need to. The galleries will be revamped with all the photos in them fixed from now on, starting with the most recent and working backwards.

All that typing makes me feel peckish. Anyone fancy some spam?

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