Monday, 21 May 2007

Big Wargame Bonanza

My mate Andy came round earlier and apart from telling me his plans for the flat we discussed yesterday's incident in the front garden. I asked if we should knock on the door and speak to them. He said no. So we are going to send them a letter by special delivery to their landlord, care of one of them, backed up with my photos.

Went to the club tonight. Steve Mercer and Dave Tuck were back from their holidays. Booked another game of 15mm ACW with them for the monday after Bank Holiday. I requested a scenario-based game, preferably based on a real life battle.
There were 3 games on tonight: 15mm Seven Years War with Dave Hewins (French) and Tony Waumsley (Prussian); Malburian with Andy Sharpe, Andy Hamilton, Paul Robinson and Mark Alcock, mainly Paul and Mark's figures with Andy Sharpe contributing; World War 2 desert with Steve Mercer and Dave Tuck - Dave being the Italians and Steve being the British again. Dave should have more luck this time. I wasn't playing with my unlucky dice.
Below are some previews of the photos I took:

Clash of 15mm Prussian and French Forces at the bottom of the Valley. Seven Years War.

Close-up view of Dave Hewins SYW French.

Malburian game on our big table downstairs. At the forefront is Mark's new British Horse, painted by our resident figure painter Joe Dunn.

Paul's new Danish figures.

WW2. Steve Mercer's new Crusader tanks en route. Really like taking photos of tanks, especially tanks like this. Although I only have a 15mm ACW Army, I still like the WW2 period quite a lot, including Rapid Fire! though not played RF for some time and Blitkrieg Commander I have also found to be fast and fun.

A close-up of Dave Tuck's Italian Artillery. Apparently the plan was for Dave to relieve his men behind the barbed wire fence whilst having to deal with the onslaught from Steve's Tanks.

Also tonight Paul said that he was willing to take me to Partizan , picking me up Sunday at 9am. Used Tripod again. Camera was set to ISO 100 as suggested by Paul Davies.
Told Dave Tuck of my plans within the next few weeks, starting with before Partizan, to get us on TMP and other news sites.

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