Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Photos Galore

Day off so been quite lazy and relaxing most of the day. Tidied up flat but spent most of the day going through recent wargames photos and even designed a graphic for the poster I plan to make for the website. Originally designed it so that it would go in my camera onto my camera's memory card, to be printed up on photo quality paper. That didn't work - getting it into the camera I mean - so decided to buy some ink after all and do it the old fashioned way.
Still not got all the photos completely sorted ready for tomorrow night. 1 more to do. Although that gallery is now revamped, lets just say our Border Reivers are going to be making a comeback. The original's have been "fixed" and gone over again before gallerying them with Paul's pics of the game.

Anyway here's that poster I made for the website, presently still a graphic I made in Paint Shop Pro (see above).

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