Friday, 18 May 2007

Website Getting Somewhere

Another nice surprise today concerning the Grimsby Wargames Society Official Website, which has been located at many places since I first designed, built it and uploaded it about 5 years ago: Freeserve, Geocities and British Wargames (which is coming back) before arriving at Panzers of the Reich last year during my serious work problems. Some of the pages have got their own PR (Pagerank) which I did not expect. Optimising the website is an ongoing project. The higher the PR, the more popular it gets on the search engines and therefore the more exposure the society gets - on the net anyway. I ran an optimisation program to find out who has been linking back to it to give it its present PR and it turns out that some people have linked back to the website without my knowledge. I shall be linking back once I have got more details. Both this blog and the website will be optimised more on my holiday soon. Lots of more emailing to do.

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