Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Paul Davies and Salute 2007

Today it was my day off. First thing was my much anticipated visit to the dentist. NHS Dentist. Not too many of them about. I was surprised that they charged the patient the patient for treatment as I thought the NHS was funded out of our taxes. Wasn't too much anyway and I work full time. Turns out apart from needing a polish, which is only to be expected after several years dentistless, all I need is a filling on a broken tooth because everything else is fine. That appointment is a month away.

Other than paying some bills, I also arranged with the bank some contents insurance which I did not have before. Its only going to cost me just over £20 a month, which isnt too painful, starting with next payday although there is an initial payment end of the month.

On the way home I dropped by Dave Hewins shop looking for glue to stick my figures to some sort of stands while I am painting them and a craft knife to remove flash etc. Was also looking for some sort of stand to put them on. After talking to Dave, he suggested that I stick my figures on to cardboard and suggested the appropriate glue to do so: UHU, as well as an appropriate craft knife. I bought those items. While I was at it, I picked up the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated.

In that issue there is an article and photos on Salute 2007 by Paul Davies, full-time photographer and member of the Crawley Wargames Club. He had been in the previous issue also with a Border Reivers article. Their Border Reivers game had been at Salute too.
While emailing their webmaster Ian Coleman, attempting to exchange links, I complimented Paul on his photos and article. Paul then contacted me by email thanking me for those compliments and saying that if I needed any advice or help taking photos, all I had to do was ask. He also gave me some hints on painting my charltons. On 3rd May I contacted him again asking for some help on taking photos along with sending him some samples but have not received a response since. I can only assume he has been busy. Tonight I contacted Ian again asking him to pass on my compliments on to Paul, who has written yet another good article on Salute 2007 from a visitor's point of view, with his excellent photos, as well as reviewing 40mm Greeks near the back of the issue.

Got round to painting my reivers again today. One of the white horses was drybrushed white and lightly painted white again (left). The black horse that had been undercoated only black so far was drybrushed, of sorts, in GW Enchanted Blue. All the horses were glued onto temporary cardboard stands, as had been suggested by Dave Hewins earlier. It seemed a cheap alternative to buying some wood to stand them on and with plenty of cardboard on hand it seemed ideal.

The horse that Paul had mainly painted in Brown Umber got another Wash. This time I washed it with a mix of GW Snakebite Leather and Chaos Black (left).

Here is a photo (left) of the horse I drybrushed GW Enchanted Blue. Notice the slight blue spots near the back of the horse.
I would be interested to hear Paul's opinion of my horses so far. That's our Paul from Grimsby.

At the end of this entry there is a photo of my painting box with all the horses stood in it on their cardboard stands, my new craft knife and my GW Citadel paintbrushes, which I used today, which came with my GW paints.

The Citadel brushes are named and to be used for a specific purpose such as detailing and drybrushing. Used the drybrush one today.

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